About Us

Are you an artist who creates beautiful paintings, drawings, photographs, or any other form of art, but doesn’t know how to make them known to the world? Do you want a website for your art but don’t know how to get one? Do you just need to know how to ship your art? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Artist Synergy is a how-to site for aspiring artists. This website will teach you the business side of being an artist, including putting on art shows, marketing your art, using social networking to promote your art, and much more.

There will be as many pictures posted as possible, along with the how-to’s, with an occasional video thrown in there to help with the visualization. Questions and comments are always welcome!


Marcy Eiben – Co-founder and resident visual artist

Johnnie Ferro – Co-founder and resident musician

Yamalieu Khuu – Founder of Creative Little Monsters, our other half based in San Diego, CA

Jaume Arranz – Resident photographer

Jared Richardson – Resident chef

Forrest Will – Resident awesomeness

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