Adrian George Nicolae

The Big Ant

by Adrian George Nicolae

Up on an anthill
was the strongest
ant of all. 
Big claws,
spiky legs,
mouth wider 
than the Everest;
or so they say. 
When he ordered,
all obeyed.
Even the ant-girls
who parlayed.
But one bright night,
as they were ready
for a bite,
there appeared 
a body… 
Caught by surprise,
they scrambled 
here and there,
running for their lives.
Except for one. 
The mighty ant 
on top of the hill
the aardvark get near. 
He put up his dukes
and growled.
The attacker stopped,
laughed, and sucked him
right in.
Big ant yelled for help,
but no one came,
for they were all afraid.
The pig
chomped him to bits, 
gurgled, then fled the scene
in search of a new
ant to kill.


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