Koura Lilly

words fail

i tried to write – 
some abstract attempt 
at unformed limerick – 
to capture 
the tumultuous emotions 
you have thrown 
into the world around me.
but how am i supposed to do that?
am i to be expected 
to tame 
the wild whispered longings 
for hands
and lips
and eyes
and bodies
that tangle
if only in dreams?
to turn the feelings 
you stir in me 
into a concrete
of printed
expected to relay endless hours of hopeful longing?
i can’t dip my pen 
into a heart of raindrops – 
i’m terrified of spilling
as i run 
with you 
up frozen streams, 
and fall through crashing ocean waves.
you held out your hand for adventure – 
such an innocent gesture. 
though i took it, 
not knowing 
that our palms would touch
and you would brush my heart
leaving smudges of indelible fingerprints
burning through me.
i try not to dance 
while you spin sounds of angels 
that echo in my mind 
they can seize.
you bring me into wonderland.
now snowflakes 
have traced 
along the curves 
of my face 
and melted into liquid 
burning my skin.
i sift through endless lexicons,
in hopes of grasping 
a conceptual alliteration 
of poetic justice 
of the turmoil 
you bring –
the burning 
and art 
and hope 
and love 
and life 
and heart –
words fail.

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