Get Inspired

This seems to be one of the hardest things for artists, how to be inspired to paint or write or play music, or dance. So here’s some tips I’ve got for you with creativity block:

1. Have coffee with friends (or tea, the drink isn’t an uber important part of the equation). Get out of your head for a bit, talk about life, what’s going on, major events, etc. This may just inspire you to write a song, paint a picture, write a whole book or a poem, take some photographs, etc.

2. Take a LONG walk. Pick a scenic place, bring your camera, notebook, pencils and paper, guitar, etc. and go for a long walk. Really take in the scenery around you. You can also go to a busy place with lots of people and do what I call “people watching.” You’ll see so many diverse and interesting people, it’s likely to inspire creativity.

3. Take a class! Yes, you are a professional, but we can ALWAYS learn more! And seeing other artists in action can be so inspiring and make you want to go home and try something new. This can be an on-line class, a bootcamp, a couple hour class, etc. Just go out and learn something new about your art.

Where can you find classes? First of all, I suggest you befriend every artist you ever meet, unless you really don’t like them for some reason. You will likely hear about art events and classes from them. You can ask around on Facebook, you can Google it, you can go to YouTube and search for tutorials on singing, dancing, knitting, painting, etc. etc.

4. Support other artists! This goes along with #3, but go out to a friend’s art show, or concert, or book signing, or film release. Go to as many of these as possible. Not only is this great for networking, you will get inspired by the constant inflow of art.


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