Blogger and WordPress

You can use your blog as a website, and this is a great way for any artist to easily post pics of their art work. Blogger is a very easy to use format, and if you’re REALLY not technically inclined, this is the route I would go with. This is the route I originally went, and you can see my art blog at I never attached my own domain name, but you can definitely do so.

The ONE thing I didn’t like about blogger is that even when you got people following your blog, any time there is a new post it doesn’t notify your blog followers via email. So unless they specifically go on, they’re not going to see your new post. You can get around this somewhat by sharing each new post on Facebook and Twitter yourself, but it’s not as effective as a direct email to your followers.

WordPress is a bit more difficult to use, but has so many more functions and ways to customize it. It’s easier for your users to navigate and you can make look like an actual website instead of just a blog. You can also add your own domain name to your wordpress blog, as I have done. The great thing about WordPress is that people subscribe to your blog and everytime you post something new, it emails them.

Both blog services are free, with the option to upgrade for a fee to add your own domain name.

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