Once you start to get a following, sending out a newsletter is always a good idea. That way you can promote any recently completed art work, any upcoming shows, maybe a coupon or special on your art, etc. etc.

You can always just send this out in an email to your fans, or you can use a service (this is what I did because I felt it looked more professional and it was easier to format) that sends out newsletters.

The service I went with is I went with them based off of a referral from a friend and because they’re FREE when you don’t have 1000s of  people subscribed to your newsletter. Of course once you start getting a huge following and you end up sending out newletters very often or to thousands of people, you’ll have to start paying for the service.

Another service I got a lot of referrals for is, but I ended up going with Mail Chimp because of it being free. Once my newsletter subscribers start pushing 500 or so, I’ll do a review of these newsletter services and see which one makes the most sense.

You can decide what’s right for you in terms of how often you send out newsletters, but I would recommend once a month or every other month (I’m sending mine out every other month).

Here’s how my first newsletter looked:

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