Twitter is something I never thought I would use, until I started promoting myself as an artist. Then I discovered it’s the easiest way to connect with thousands of people you don’t even know. Unfortunately it’s pretty spammy, but there are some real people on there, and there are some great people on there.

It’s very easy to set up a twitter account, you just pick a user name and a password and you’re ready to go. You can start posting immediately. You can post a pic and a short bio about yourself, as I did here: Now you have to work to get yourself some followers.

There are basically two ways you get yourself some followers. One is the slower, but less spammy method. The second is the faster method. You will get more spam but also a much bigger reach. So here are the two options:

1. Twitter has a box where you can type in keywords to search for people you might be interested in. So you can type in “mixed media” and it will pull up profiles related to mixed media art. You would then follow those people and request that they follow you back. Big rule of twitter, you have to follow others to get followers, and if people follow you it is suggested that you follow them back (unless you find them offensive or something).

2. There are programs you can use that automatically find people with certain keywords and follow them, then unfollows them after a certain amount of time if they don’t follow you back. It also automatically follows people back who follow you first.

I have no idea how to do this, so I would suggest you either get someone to do it for you, which is what I did by going here or you can go the DIY route here If you don’t want to get someone to do it for you, you can always go with option 1.

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