Prints are a great way to make your art continue to pay you, even after you sell the original (or if you keep the original yourself). It’s simple math; If you sell an original painting for $500, then you sell 10 prints over the next few years for $25 each, you made $750 off the painting instead of just $500, without having to put out more work.

When considering getting prints made for your art, it can get a little confusing. There are different kinds of prints and you have to decide what direction you want to go with this. Do you want to continue to sell prints of a painting for years, at a relatively low cost? Do you want to make limited edition prints, where you’re only going to sell maybe 5 or 10 of them but at a higher price? Hopefully this page will help you decide.

There are quite a few types of prints, but I’m going to just go basic here and leave out most of the technical details.

Regular Prints

Limited Edition Prints


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