Regular Prints

What is a print and how do you get prints made of your art?

When I was first conquering this problem, I did what I always do; I googled it. This came up with all sorts of stuff! Apparently there are many different kinds of art prints, including regular photographic prints, including limited edition prints, and then gliclees, which are basically an art print on a canvas, so it should really look like the original painting.

Anyway, long story short, I really just wanted some copies of my art work to sell, without going broke. I didn’t need anything complicated or too fancy. Finally I got a referral from a friend for a good local printer (Chrome Digital). I looked up their website, called them, and found their prices were quite reasonable. So I’ve been taking my art to them for about 1 1/2 years now. They create perfect quality digital images of my art, and then amazing prints.

What you are looking for is a printer who specializes in artwork and has really high quality. I knew another printer who was great for getting some flyers printed up, but when it came to color quality needed for art prints, they just were not good enough.

Here you can see a couple of examples of the digital images they made of some of my art, and the prints come out with the same vibrant colors.

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