Shipping Prints

Shipping prints can be a pain. I’ve had to go through some trial and error in this recently, so I thought I’d just write out what I’ve learned so far. Keep in mind that shipping original paintings is quite different, and I myself haven’t even figured out the best way to do this, so that will be covered in a different blog post.

Shipping 8×10 prints (or smaller) is really easy, you just sandwich it securly in between two pieces of cardboard, stick it in a cardboard envelope and mail it off.

Larger prints are more difficult. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. You’ll need to ship it in a cardboard tube, which you can get from the post office, a shipping store or even art stores usually. There are all different sizes so you need to get the size that will fit your print, in length and circumfrence.

Example of a shipping tube from USPS:

2. Then you’ll want some brown packing paper, and you will roll your print up in the paper, and tape the roll so it doesn’t come undone. You want the roll to be smaller than your tube, so the recipient can just slide it right out and the print does not get damaged.

3. I would then recommend taping a piece of paper right on the packing paper with your address and the recipient’s address, just in case it happens to fall out.

4. Put your rolled up print inside the tube and tape it shut very well.

5. Then you just address it as usual and take it off to the post office or UPS for shipping.

Ready to be shipped:

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