Hanging Your Art

Hanging your art for a show can be difficult sometimes, and I’ve seen artists do it a million different ways, so here are some tips.

Hanging your art indoors: If you have a wall and a nail, this is pretty easy, you just put the nail where you want the picture to go, then hang the picture by the frame or a wire. You can either just stand back and look at it or you can use a level to make sure it’s straight.

However, if you can’t use nails for some reason (I had an art show at a coffee shop recently where the owner didn’t want me to put any nails in the wall), there are several items you can use for mounting that are removable without damaging any wall paint. The product I use for this is called 3M Command – Damage-Free Hanging strips. They’re little velcro strips that you attach to the wall and the back of your art and they hold well, but are also easily removable after you’re done.

I bought mine from Michael’s, but you can also buy them on-line here: Adhesive hanging hooks: Command 17043 Wire-Backed Picture Hanging Hooks with Adhesives StripsHooks & Hangers) Adhesive hanging strips: Command 17203 Small and Medium Picture Hanging StripsHooks & Hangers)

Hanging your art outdoors: This can me much more difficult than hanging your art indoors. To hang your art outdoors when you don’t have a wall, you need to bring your own 10×10 tent with side panels (such as this one: New 10′ X 10′ EZ Pop Set Up Canopy Tent Gazebo Includes 4 Sidewalls WhiteOutdoor Canopies)
or this one: 10×10 Pop Up 4 Wall Canopy Party Tent Gazebo EZ WhitePatio, Lawn & Garden)) and your own walls. You would need these usually for any type of street fair or farmer’s market (they may sometimes provide the tent).

There are two usual types of portable walls for hanging your art. One is basically a metal grid wall, and the other would be a portable room divider or display panels. You can probably get these both locally, or you can of course get them on-line. Here are some examples on Amazon: Grid walls: 2′ x 6′ Gridwall Panel Tower with T-Base Floorstanding Display Kit, 2-Pack. Matte Black and ExecuSystems Deluxe Grid Panel for Retail Display 2′ x 6′ Priced 3 Per Carton, Black Display panels: Quartet Show-It! Exhibition Display System, 3-Panels, 72 x .75 x 36 Inches, Blue and Gray (SB93513Q)Poster Boards)

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