Mixed Media

This site is for art of all types, but I did want to dedicate a page specifically to mixed media art because it is my favorite kind of art. With mixed media there are no limitations, you can use literally anything.

Here are some things I’ve used in various mixed media paintings I’ve made: tracing paper, regular paper, stickers, scrap-book pages, coffee grounds, tissue paper, ribbons, of course paint, gels, glitter, stamps, photos, fabric and much more. You can create so many different effects by using different materials and anyone can do it.

Mixed media can be done on many different surfaces, including paper, cardboard, canvas or wood, which is personally my prefered surface for mixed media.

Here is how you can make your own mixed media painting in 4 simple steps:

#1. Start with the following items:

A. Any surface: a piece of wood, a canvas, a piece of cardboard, paper, etc.

B. Any type of brush

C. Some glue or any adhesive (I usually use a gel medium to attach things to my paintings)

D. Any type of paint, I prefer acrylic paint

E. Any of the following (and much more): photos, shells, ribbon, rocks, coffee grinds, old postcards, feathers, decals, etc.

#  2. Pick a color for the background. You may want to base this off of the items you plan to attach. For example, if you are going to attach rocks, you may want earthy tones (browns, greens, etc.). If you are going to attach pictures of fish you may want your background to be blues and greens.

#  3. Arrange and attach your items to your painting however you’d like. Attach the items with your glue or gel medium.

#  4. Cover your whole painting with a gel varnish once the glue or gel medium fully dries to make sure all the items stay on well.

Congratulations! You have now made a mixed media painting.

To me mixed media art is a great way to express yourself and make something unique. It can be abstract, or not. It can be a keepsake of your favorite photo. It can be a collage of photos and trinkets you kept from a trip, etc. etc. Like I said, there are no limitations.

I got into mixed media because of another artist who donated some paintings to a fundraiser I was doing. She is an amazing mixed media artist and also teaches mixed media art classes, which I would love to take if I lived a bit closer to her. You can read about her and see her amazing art work at www.BertaArt.com.

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